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The reasons you may choose to receive a BOTOX® treatment can be many. While it’s popularly known for removing facial lines and wrinkles, patients with severe conditions such as TMJ and bruxism also choose to receive this treatment. We at Canmore Downtown Dental, can help you with effectively treating dynamic wrinkles and relaxing paining muscles with our cosmetic BOTOX® treatments in Canmore. Tight jaw muscles, teeth grinding disorders, and jaw misalignments can be treated with BOTOX®/ XEOMIN® to reduce muscle tension and relieve pain.


BOTOX® and XEOMIN® are neuromodulators used in cosmetic and therapeutic treatments to relax face muscles. We use XEOMIN® in our treatments which helps blocking muscle movements that contribute to facial wrinkles. XEOMIN® comes with a proven safety record and the procedure is generally fast, simple and minimally invasive.

XEOMIN® is administered by specialists and is only used on adults for temporary improvement of the facial muscles. There are chances of you being allergic to the treatment; hence it is recommended that you get it done in the hands of a professional who has both experience and qualification. Contact us for any queries regarding BOTOX® / XEOMIN® treatments, and we will be glad to answer your questions.



We can help you with information on XEOMIN® and suggest suitable treatment.



Choose Canmore’s go-to clinic for surgical treatments, BOTOX®, and sedation dentistry.

Incredibly Impressed of the Service

“Canmore Downtown Dental went absolutely above and beyond for me. I was visiting from BC for a wedding. At the same time, I also managed to require some emergency dental work. I was in a lot of pain! Their office got me in right away, were kind, took care of the issue and the doctor gave me her cell in case anything got worse over the weekend! So incredibly impressed of the service I received as a non-patient. Thank you.”

- Robyn R.

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