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We all have heard of a facelift. Our specialty is providing a smile lift to our patients! Also, did you know that orthodontics is not just for children? Many of our adult patients are benefiting from having braces as well. Our doctors have attended numerous courses in cosmetic dentistry which enables us to create exciting new, beautiful smiles using techniques such as veneers, bonding, crowns, orthodontics, implants, lasers, and whitening. If you have problems with a clicking jaw, crowding, spacing, or if your bite is maligned, talk to us about them by booking your orthodontic consultation in Canmore with Dr. Bagley.



We offer traditional braces as well as Invisalign®, a clear form-fitting removable tray. You can take years off of your appearance by simply changing your smile. If you feel your smile could look better, book a complimentary smile analysis with Dr. Bagley today to see what could be in store for you.

At Canmore Downtown Dental, we complete tooth movement with appliances such as:

  • Clear Aligner Therapy

Clear aligner therapy involves your teeth being scanned by our latest intraoral scanner avoiding impressions. As well photographs are taken and sometimes a lateral cephalometric radiograph. This data is sent electronically through a secure link to design and fabricate your aligners. These customized retainers are designed to treat your individual orthodontic issues and also take into consideration your age and growth. You will wear a numbered series of clear, removable retainers that gradually move the teeth allowing for exemplary alignment and bite position of teeth. You will wear these trays all the time except when eating. It can vary but the appointments are typically every 4-6 weeks. It is very important to maintain brushing and flossing during any orthodontic procedures to avoid decay and gum disease.

  • Braces

Braces are another way to move teeth. Some cases where the teeth are very crowded or there is a more involved skeletal concern braces may be recommended. Braces have the advantage of not requiring patient or teen compliance as they are fixed to teeth. The brackets chosen for use in our office are quite small and have a low profile reducing cheek irritation even in the early stages. Colored o’s can be placed for the younger patients with a variety of over 16 colors to choose from, making the appointment fun for them.

On average, patients wear their braces for 1-2 years. A variety of fixed or removable retainers is fabricated at the end of treatment to maintain the position of the teeth in the bone after their brackets are taken off.

  • Expansion Appliances

Expansion appliances widen both the upper jaw and lower jaws, so that the teeth will have more room to fit in the mouth. By expanding the upper or lower jaws it gives more room for the tongue and helps to improve air exchange. It also acts to widen the sinus at the same time. This is one of the concepts in my functional therapy. Years later adult patients, who have kept all their teeth, avoiding extractions for orthodontic purposes, have one lesson reason to develop sleep apnea. Expansion appliances are most commonly used in children. It is very common to use expansion appliances in the early mixed dentition ages 7-9 years old and then followed with braces in order to fully straighten teeth the adult teeth after they have all erupted ages 11-14 on average.

  • The Wand

We’ve taken the fear, anxiety and pain out of dental anesthetic injections. The Wand is a new computerized assisted way of delivering aesthetic that is virtually painless and does not even look like a needle. This has been especially successful in treating young children in our practice. You can leave our office and not have to worry about speaking funny or having a lopsided smile because in some cases the lip, tongue and cheek do not need to be numbed. The Wand helps provide a more effective anesthetic delivery and that means a more comfortable and pleasant dental experience. Ask us about The Wand on your next visit!


It is much easier to maintain teeth when they are straighter. Eating, speaking, and the function of your temporomandibular joint and digestive ability improve for life with good alignment of your teeth. It also makes brushing, flossing, and irrigating easier.

After your consultation in our Canmore office, we will examine your dental records and work up an individualized treatment plan. We thoroughly explain your treatment so that you feel comfortable and informed going into your procedure. Call us.


Our practice continues to grow as a result of your referrals and there’s no better sign that we are serving you well than the number of new patients who walk to our clinic. When you refer your friends, colleagues, or family to the office, it shows that our dedication to our patient’s oral health has been noticed. Thank you for your confidence in us, it is truly valued and appreciated!

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Get in touch with us for orthodontics treatments in Canmore.

Incredibly Impressed of the Service

“Canmore Downtown Dental went absolutely above and beyond for me. I was visiting from BC for a wedding. At the same time, I also managed to require some emergency dental work. I was in a lot of pain! Their office got me in right away, were kind, took care of the issue and the doctor gave me her cell in case anything got worse over the weekend! So incredibly impressed of the service I received as a non-patient. Thank you.”

- Robyn R.

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